Would you like some milk with your cookies?

Like most websites we use cookies to make your life easier – it helps you on future visits and it helps us track how you found our website.

A cookie is a simple text file which comes from our computer and is stored on your computer – its a bit like a numberplate – so our computer can identify if you’ve been on our website before. It is unique to the browser you use on your computer – and it helps remember if you’re shopping and you’ve put something in your basket. If you click a link to come to our site it might also contain a small identifying code to say where you found the link, so we know the best places to put links, and which are the best places to advertise.

If you set your browsers to block cookies (its a setting in your web browser) you will still be able to use our site – but it might not be as helpful.

If you are a bit of a geek – or want to be really paranoid you can find out more here – at the ICO


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