So you’ve got a great set of headshots….

Even today with the web and email – you still need a bundle of prints to send out…  which begs the question….. …..

“where should I send to get my headshots printed”

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Some photographers recommend one or two London repro labs to get your headshots printed – who might charge you over £100 for 100 copies. Then there are pro photolabs – who can do much the same – but do a much wider range of work too – and their prices are much the same or much much more!

Or you might try a supermarket but few actually make prints that size instore. An online photo company – well they’ll probably print on the thinner non-pro paper – and still charge you a couple of quid per print. All these options probably will  have a green (or some other colour) cast on the the black & white prints!

Some printers offer to print headshots using expensive photocopiers – they can be good as you can print details on the back – but if you look close at them you’ll find a noticeable dot on them which make them nowhere near as good for many purposes… or even “litho” printed – which is fine if you need thousands…

You could try printing them on your home inkjet printer – but you’ll quickly find they eat ink cartridges and coupled with the proper paper they’ll work out at £1 a print..

Now there’s a sensible alternative!

As dozens of top headshot photographers now recommend….. Upload your image to us – for example we’ll print on the best quality digital c-type Fuji paper – fine tune the colour or tone and we’ll send them Royal Mail 24 “Signed For” to any UK address for just £50 for 100 10”x8” photo prints (if you are a student!).

We offer three services – students are sent every Thursday. Flex prints are available to everyone and offer a good blend of value and speed (they will be posted sometime with a week of uploading). Our fastest service are posted within a day of receipt – often they’ll be posted the day they arrive! The prints cost around a third less than many specialist repro labs charge.  Don’t worry if you need smaller amounts – we’ll happily print any quantity Once we’ve got your image we archive it on our server – and give it a unique reference number – so reprints are even simpler – just quote the number!

Some photographers send us the file to print your first prints – you’ll get a sheet or email with more details – and the number is on the back of every print we do! We do give anyone who’s organised a discount – opt for our flex service where the prints are done over a 5 day slot (only on orders of 25 or more).

Students get the best deal – just select the students prints and have them delivered to your acting school – we post every Thursday or Friday – and the saving comes from the fact that many packs will be sent to your school at the same time – not fancy codes or minimum numbers needed – just prove how clever you are by using us! We’ve even a special for acting students who are overseas!

If you have any questions – please text (no calls) on 07773 108108

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Updated  2019-03-18