Beat the price rise

I’m sure you must of noticed that the price of postage is going up at the end of the month – and the photo paper we use also goes up then too…

As we work with really tight margins we have no option but to put our prices up a little – don’t worry, they’ll still be keen!

However – if you are a little low on prints this would be a great time to order more. If you need more of the print we’ve already done there’s no need to upload the file again – just quote the reorder number that we put on the sheet that came with the prints – it’s the same number that’s at the start of the second row of text that’s on the back of your prints.


As a moneysaving idea – if you send out headshots and CV’s why don’t you buy a stack of stamps now – you’ll need LARGE (unless you want to fold your photos in half!) – and as long as there is no price on the stamp the are valid after the price change.