Special Deals for Castingcall Pro readers

10% Extra Prints on all your orders

From time to time everyone needs some repros for sending out.

Traditional repro labs know exactly whats needed – and can often be cheaper than supermarkets & chemists – and always give far better quality too

However they’re still quite expensive.

Until we came along.

We are usually between 30%-50% cheaper than the well known repro labs.

How can we be cheaper? Simple. We’re located in a village a long way from of London. However, 5 minutes walk away is one of the centers that process Oyster cards (the other is 10 miles away!).SO its a bit like having a call center in a different country, except we speak the same language (most of the time!!) and the post usually reached you next day. This out of city location saves a small fortune on rent and wages – and these savings we pass onto you.

We also do things that other labs don’t. Like letting you share your order with a couple of files.

For example you have 2 files, and you want 25 prints off each.

This from a well known London lab would cost 2x £34.50 = £69

From us it would be £42.95 for 50 prints and £3 for the extra file = £45.95 – and we even post it to you free!

This promotion lets you get an even better deal – just put  Castingcall  in the Apply Coupon box and we’ll add an extra 10% prints free (and if its for less than 10 prints we’ll add a print) – it will take 3p off the price – thats just a quick visual check for us to see the code’s been used!

We’ve two services – 1 day & 5 day – so if you are not in a “headless chicken” panic you can save a bit on the prices quoted above