As time goes on we’ll build this to answer the obvious questions that we’ve not covered!

Q – You are very cheap yet you claim to be high quality – how can you do it?
A – Simple – we’re not in the middle of London! We are in a village near Aberdeen. We own the building so no rent – and the Scottish government give us 100% relief on our rates – these two things alone would be over £3000 a month in London. How much more work would we have to do just to cover this?
Being out of London is no hardship – we’ve found that most of the time prints posted arrive next day in London.

Q – Is the quality as good as I’d get in London?
A – Over the past 12 years we’ve produced prints for Kodak, then Fuji for use on their stands in the UK, Europe and the USA. We’re the preferred lab for many award winning photographers.

Q – What is a Repro Service?
A – Its short for Reprographics. In days gone by – before photographers went digital it was common to have an oversize print made, which was then airbrushed by a very skilled artist – it was then rephotographed and reproductions were made from it. Nowadays its just a nod to the past – and many labs use the term to make it sound different from a high street minilab. Prolab, photolab or repro service to us are all the same….

Q – Don’t you have a student discount?
A – No – hopefully you can see that we’ve much cheaper than most – but if you are organised and don’t need the prints next day you can save a few pounds on your order if you select the “Flex” prints.

Q – Are they inkjet prints, or done on a photocopier?
A – NO!!! We only print on real photographic paper – and it’s the professional Fuji DP-II paper. It’s a heavier weight of paper than what they use in supermarkets or chemists – and most online companies too.

Q- Are colour prints more expensive?
A – No. Just the same price. We produce them on colour paper, but we tweek the output make it very neutral – most labs don’t and their B&W prints often have a green tinge under some light.

Q- You’ve chopped the top of my head off – or some of my body?
A – Most photographers “crop” the file that comes out of their camera to the 10×8 print shape. However, virtually all cameras take an image a different, longer narrower shape. If you supply an uncropped photo we need to cut off almost 20% of the image. Most photographers build in this, so we can take it all off the bottom of the photo (your body). However sometimes we need to take a little of the top so your eyes are not too low in the image – so we’ll chop the top of your head off! This is quite normal – around 1/3rd of all the photos we print don’t show the top of the person head…

Q- I’ve been told the files are not “big enough” – but they look great on my webpage?
A – Prints need a far bigger file than web. To get the best quality the file needs 300 pixels per inch – the file on the web needs less than 100. Also the image on the web is seldom bigger than 4 inches high – so around 400 pixels high. As a print, at 300 pixels per inch it would only be 1.3 inches high – and at the lowest quality 2 inches high… The ideal file should be 3000×2400 pixels – and when saved as a jpeg it should be about 1Mb in size. Different photographers have different ways of naming the files – some put REPRO – FULL SIZE, RETOUCHED or PRINT. They might be in a folder with that same name.

Q – I’ve never heard of you – have you been doing this long?
A – We put in the digital lab in 1999 – years ahead of most – and the owner has had a lab since he was still at school back in the late 1970’s. We print for a number of different types of photographers – and for a couple of years if you had a photo taken of you receiving your scroll on stage at a graduation anywhere in the UK there was a 60% chance we printed it!