How do our prices stack up?

How do we stack up?

You’ve had a killer set of headshots taken – the photographer has given you a CD of the images – now the question

where should I have my headshots printed?

SO you are looking for some cheap 10 x 8 prints…

There’s a handful of Repro Labs in the UK that specialize in printing headshots – and they do them well -but you can be almost £150 for 100 prints – though most are around £100. They have skilled staff: they know how to get good B&W prints – important as most headshot prints are in B&W.

You could go to your local supermarket of chemists – handy of you need a handful of prints – but if you need a decent run they are often even more expensive. You’ll find they also use  a paper that’s not thick as the Repro labs, which doesn’t give as deep a black – and often the B&W prints will have a green (or other colour) cast – as their staff are nowhere near as skilled managing the images.

There’s also a number of these stores who let you order online – and some mail order only companies who are often very inexpensive on smaller photos but few charge under £1 for a 10×8.

And there’s us!

Our main lab prints thousands of these larger prints for professional photographers from all over the UK (and Ireland) – and we’ve built up a reputation for very high quality (our prints have been used on Kodak & Fuji’s stands at major trade shows worldwide) and low cost. We’ve set up www.10x8prints.com as a site dedicated for the production of headshot prints – and at the best price possible.

How can we do this?

Simple – we’re based in a village near Aberdeen – we own our building so no rent – and thanks to the Scottish government, no rates. These two factors combined save us around £2,000 every month. That, coupled with the finest production software around means we can produce your prints quickly – and as time is money – that also adds to the low costs.

Being 500 miles from London you might think we are too remote – well, a few minutes walk from our lab is a call center for Oyster cards – they ship out up to 5,000 cards a day from there – so if its good enough for London transport…

We’ve found that most clients receive their prints the day after they’re posted – and to help ensure they are all sent Royal Mail 24  – though if you are in a real hurry you can upgrade to Special Delivery – which will get the prints to you by 1pm the following day (just order by 2pm)


Prices shown are taken 20th February 2012 from their respective websites – and include VAT. Most include postage.