Technical Settings

The ideal file for us should be in RGB – jpeg or jpg  Colourspace should be embedded – we are happy to work in any space but sRGB is the closest match.

It should be sized to 10″x8″ @ 300 ppi (or dpi) – and saved at quality 10 in Photoshop (or 12 if it has text)

There is around 3mm of the image lost all round when printed – due to the way our Fuji Frontier 570 works. If you are adding text or borders ensure a minimum of 5mm clear space round the image.

We apply a small amount of sharpening to the image at the time of printing – if in doubt do not oversharpen – we can always add more, but we can’t remove it!

The biggest problem are files that are too bright. Please check your red channel. There should be very few if any pixels over 240 in the red on skin tone, other than specular or diffuse highlights.